Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Cost of Waiting

True Cost of Waiting

So you given thought to perhaps moving to that new community you’ve had an eye on. But all the prognosticators are saying the market has slowed down and it might make better sense to wait so you can get more for your home. So let’s take a look at the true cost of waiting.
  There are 2 primary factors to consider. First is the impact of the mortgage & second, property appreciation. Let’s first take a look at the mortgage impact.
  According to Freddie Mac, interest rates are projected to steadily increase over the coming year.  In-fact, their projection from June of 2014 to End of 2015 is an increase from 4.17 today to 5.2. Here’s what that would actually mean in terms of mortgage impact.

  Now let’s take a look at the impact of property appreciation. Historically, and in-line with current projections, property values are likely to appreciate at approximately 4% annually. Here’s what that would look like in terms of net equity.

Often homesellers get caught up in the details of today and forget about the importance of other factors. Even you have given thought to moving, let’s talk about your goals and how we can help you build your net worth by not waiting until it’s too late. They say hindsight is 20/20, we’d like to think that 30 years from now, looking back, you made the right decision. Lets Talk! - (480) 359-5150

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just Listed !!! - Aviano @ Desert Ridge

 Parkside Ln - Virtual Tour - Website

Welcome to 3819 E. Parkside Ln



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Desert Ridge Area Rental Investment Opportunities

Desert Ridge Area Rental Investment Opportunities

This morning I was doing evaluations for an investor for looking to acquire additional investment property.  As part of our discussion, there were two key points that we went over.

First and foremost, as an investor it is important to change hats when evaluating property. Most newer investors evaluate property based on emotional attachment much like they would for their primary residence.  As an investor, your objective should be to identify properties that provide a projected return for your investment. Unlike your primary residence, you are actually purchasing a stream of income, that through proper evaluation and due diligence, can provide a very consistent and predictable cash flow. 

Second, get caught up in the minutia of the details when negotiating to get a Great Deal. As an investor, your return is determined by several factors including, cash flow, positive leverage, appreciation and depreciation. In most circumstances, if the initial return is attractive to the investor, negotiating a few thousand dollars more of the asking will have a negligible effect on your rate of return. The temptation to negotiate the best price is real but in many cases can create roadblocks and potentially competition for securing that great investment.

As with any investment, there are risks involved but with proper due diligence and working with a True Professional that has a significant grasp on the variables involved, you can position yourself for success and grow wealth investing in real estate.

 Current Desert Ridge Investment Opportunities
Desert Ridge Area Investment Real Estate
All of the properties review this morning project to provide an IRR or 18% or better. If you are interested learning how real estate can be an integral part of wealth building machine - Lets Talk!

Follow the link to view the investment opportunities we reviewed this morning and let me know if anything is of interest or like additional information. or email me @

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Have you heard the adage "More Millionaires have been created through Investing in Real Estate?" Over the past several years there has been a switch in mindset that real estate has been considered a get rich quick opportunity and has spurned a new generation of property flippers. Not only is this in inherently risky adventure, it dismisses many of the functional benefits of investing in real estate.

First and foremost, investing in real estate can result significant returns when considered properly.  As with any investment, there are risks involved but with proper due diligence and working with a True Professional that has a significant grasp on the variables involved, you can position yourself for success and grow wealth investing in real estate.

Here are the 6 Major benefits to investing in Real Estate: 
  • Leveraged Yield / Appreciation
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Tax Deferred sale via 1031 Exchange
  • Passive Income
  • Investment Control
  • Actual / Tangible Investment
When invested properly, very few investments can compete with the returns available in real estate. In most cases, projection are that investor should double their investment in less than a 5 year period, using conservative assumptions. I have attached just a few opportunities currently available in today's market that should be considered. I'd welcome the opportunity to share how we can help you to build wealth of your own.

Hopefully this helps and if I can help you, your friends or family - CallGrabowski @ 480-359-5150 or visit Ed Grabowski

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What you can expect from most agents

Hopefully this helps and if I can help you, your friends or family - CallGrabowski @ 480-359-5150 or visit Ed Grabowski

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten things to do to help your home sell

Now that you have made the decision to sell your house the hard work begins. No matter how much deliberation went into the decision, the effort is nothing compared to prepping your house for the actual sale. What you do before the for sale sign goes on your front lawn is as important as when it finally arrives.
This is why it is so important to make a list of things to do before selling a home and start as soon as possible. It will take some time to get your home ready for the market and the buyers that will hopefully come pouring through your door. Fortunately, if you do everything right you should have a leg up on the competition.
Ten things to do to help your home sell
Before putting your home up for sale get yourself organized and really pay attention to what is important. Taking the time to prepare for a home sale is really important. For most people selling a home is one of their largest assets. When you really take the necessary time to get it spruced up you will increase the odds that you will realize the maximum return possible.

1. Get your paperwork together

This may seem like a boring first step but it is surprisingly important. Whoever buys your house is going to be coming into a complex system designed for comfortable living. There is a lot that goes into a modern home, from HVAC systems, utility bills, plumbing systems, electrical systems and numerous appliances. Keeping it all up and running well is usually not too difficult if you know what has been done before and how it was done. If you don’t, though, it can be a real headache.
Buyers want to know about maintenance schedules, who you used to do the maintenance, what your utility bills have been throughout the year and anything else that pertains to the home. Not only does it show how the house functions, it makes it easier for the new owners to take over the reins. One really helpful thing either you or the Realtor you hire could do is put together a real estate marketing booklet that not only shows off how you have maintained your home but also provides the buyer will other helpful info both on your home and the community.

2. Check on the little things

Fix Your Mail Box When Selling A Home145The longer you live in your home the easier it is to get used to things as they are, even if the way they are is unappealing. Even if you are on an extremely tight budget, you should take a day and look around your home for the little things that are out of whack and easily fixed. Does your mailbox look beaten up and rusted out? Install a new one. Are your kitchen light fixtures from 1973? Consider changing them out for inexpensive modern versions. Try to see things as a buyer would and fix the things you can fix.
Even things like touch up painting can go a long way in making the buyer feel like they have less to do to get the property feeling like their home. I have compiled a list of things to do before putting a home up for sale that should be quite helpful in making the process go smoothly. These are simple home staging and preparation tips that will go a long way in making your home look fresh.  Take a look!

3. Erase evidence of pets

Most real estate agents will tell you how it’s necessary to erase evidence of pets in the house. Preparation for selling a home with a pet is really important! You need to make it look like you never had a pet if at all possible. As pet owners we all become accustomed to the smell and mess that our dogs or cats create.
New buyers will not have this immunity, though. They will smell the smells and notice the fur, stains and wreckage left behind by your animal. Do whatever it takes to eliminate these signs, including shampooing or replacing carpet, repairing sod and fences and keeping the dog at a friend’s house during showings.

4. Clean up the landscaping

Make Your Yard Look Nice When Selling A Home145You do not have to be a professional landscaper to clean up your yard. Trim out dead branches and plants, cut the grass and pull weeds from where they do not belong. You can also plant some flowers and lay down some mulch if you want to go the extra mile. This is the first thing buyers see so it’s worth fixing up.
Another nice touch is to have some potted flowers at your front entry. If you have a sprinkler system and are out of the cold weather season get it up and operational. Not only do you want your grass looking healthy and green but it is a great feature to show off to a buyer looking to purchase.

5. Make things less personal

It may seem weird at first to erase your personality from your home. Think about how buyers will feel when looking at the property, though. Will they be able to see themselves living there, or is the “feel” of the place overwhelmed by your love of model cars, personal pictures, figurines or whatever else you really love? Give them a clean slate to work with and they will be more likely to buy.
If you are the type of person that has a thousand family photos scattered through out the house you need to cut back and make the house slightly less personalized. This is not to say you need to go overboard and remove all existence that you are part of a family like some home stagers will tell you to do.  People don’t expect sterile anymore than they want to look at a ton of photos of your kids. It is after all a home not a house!

6. Gather estimates on repairs and replacements

What's Your Roofs Condition 145Unless everything in your house is brand new, you can expect a bit of bargaining from buyers and their agents over the replacement of necessary components of your house. Anything that is aging or in need of repair will be on the table, including your HVAC system, appliances and any rooms that need serious renovating – such as the bathroom or kitchen. Getting your own estimates on these costs will allow you to bargain more effectively.
One of the most common home inspection items that can become a bone of contention is your roof. This is an area you will want to pay closer attention to. If your roof is getting up there in age it may make sense to have your roof evaluated by a qualified roofer to see how much life you have left. It there is not much getting an estimate will be important so you know what you are dealing with financially.

7. Remove the clutter

For most people, empty space invites clutter. Your garage, basement and perhaps even your bedrooms or living room all may be filled with clutter. One of the things almost any Realtor or home stager will tell you is to get rid of your clutter. Now is the time to go through it all and donate, sell or throw away. Anything left over should probably be taken to storage if possible. Keeping the home filled only with the essentials will make it seem bigger and provide visual room for buyers to fill with their own things.
There are a couple ways you can approach getting rid of your clutter. Some people like to do it themselves and just rent a large dumpster that they can toss it all into and others would rather pay someone else to do it. If you don’t mind spending the dough a company like 1-800-got-junk will come over with one of their trucks and take it all away for you. A nationally recognized company like 1-800-got-junk is often times more expensive that some of the lesser know local companies. You might want to call around to shop price a bit.

8. Clean

There is no way around this one. No one wants to buy a dirty house. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire someone to do it – it needs to be done. This is the time for deep cleaning. The carpets, windows, floors, garage, basement, bathrooms, kitchen, yard and any other space or surface in your home, it all needs to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.
If cleaning is not your thing this another area where it is worthwhile to hire a professional. If you are looking for one of the bigger name companies Merry Maids is very well known. Again you might be able to save yourself a few bucks by hiring a local cleaner. A local real estate agent is always a good resource for both people to recommend for cleaning and junk removal. These are common things that most people do before selling a home so Realtors are asked for help in this regard all the time.

9. Hide the kids

Remove Kids During Showings 145Children can do a substantial amount of damage to a home – something the buyer will probably be aware of. It is important to repair all the kid damage just like you do the pet damage. It is also a good idea to take the kids out of the house when you are showing it if you can. Even teenage kids can be a distraction to a buyer if they are hanging around playing video games or even loud music. It sounds like common sense to make sure they are not around but believe it or not Realtors experience many sellers who do not think about these type of things.
While having kids around isn’t as bad as a seller who feels the need to follow a buyer around their property pointing out everything the buyer could see with their own eyes, it is a close second.

10. Take pictures

When you have everything cleaned up and looking nice, break out the camera and take some photos for marketing purposes. Better yet, hire a Realtor that knows how to photograph homes. The better your pictures look the more people will want to come and see the house in person. Pictures are fantastic tools to bring in buyers, but they need to be done well to work.
Even if you have gone to the trouble of doing all of these things before selling a home and for some reason you don’t end up listing at least you will have some good photos to provide your Realtor. One of the things that can be really helpful for example is when you are selling a home in the Winter and provide a buyer with what the yard looks like in Spring and Summer when everything is in full bloom!
It makes the presentation of your home that much better and helps the Realtor get the job done easier.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top 7 Reasons Why For Sale By Owners (FSBO) ...

Why a Smart Seller program is more effective

Did you know that your odds of success as a for sale by owner are only about 9%? The typical driving force behind most for sale by owner homes (FSBO) is to save the Real Estate commission. Even as a real estate agent, I understand the allure to saving as much money as you can.  But the reality is that cards are really stacked against as a property owner for several reasons. But an alarming figure that all home sellers should consider before giving it a shot is that Homeseller on average receives only 81% of what they would by working with a real estate professional.*  And though may be a bit counterintuitive, their true cost to work with a real estate professional is only 3-4%. So does it make sense to risk 20% of your home’s value to save 3%?

There many reasons why as a homeowner you are a significant disadvantage, but here are the 

Top 7 Reasons Why:

            1.  Inexperience & Lack of Market Knowledge
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Eliminate the Stress of protecting your bottom line
As with any business, a true understanding of the market and the factors that affect it can only come through experience. Most homeowners will sell a property on average every 7 to 9 years. Real Estate Professionals, on the other hand, are licensed by the state as experts in the industry and have should have dedicated a significant part of their career to understanding the market and the steps necessary to a successful transaction. Over that course of 7-9 years, a real estate professional could have been involved in hundreds of transactions with varying degrees of complexity.

Experience and Market Knowledge doesn’t happen overnight and in reality takes many years to develop an appreciation for all of the tasks necessary to maximize your bottom line.  

... Stay tuned for the Reasons 2-7.

Granted, not all agents are the same.  But it is a statistical fact even an average agent is likely to do a better job of selling your property for more money than you would be able to.  And the best agents have the right systems in place to outperform a mediocre agent.  In fact, our system results in an additional 4.55% more for our clients.  Which, by the way, more than pays for our commission.  What’s better, we have a smart seller program if you do find the buyer for your home.  We welcome the opportunity to share with you what we do that makes us more effective in generating results for our clients  At the very least, the possibility to put more than 20% more money in your pocket should be worth a discussion before tackling selling your own home. 
So let’s talk –